The uncomfortable truth

Children are still involved in the stone quarrying industry in India, and in particular in the production of cobbles.  Located at the heart of the sandstone quarry belt in Rajasthan, Budhpura is a major source of sandstone cobble and particularly vulnerable to child labour
No Child Left Behind is a ground-breaking project taking place in Budhpura, India, with the aim of creating Child Labour Free Zones (CLFZ).
The project’s vision is a world where every child has the right to an education and to enjoy their childhood. Behind the project are a collective of NGOs – Manjari, India Committee of the Netherlands (ICN) and Stop Child Labour –supported by European stone companies Beltrami, and London Stone.
Whilst the real work ‘on the ground’ is being done by Manjari, (with guidance and funding of ICN and Stop Child Labour), the European stone companies involved – Beltrami, and London Stone – are able to support the project through funding and by leveraging their own supply chains. This multi-faceted approach means that throughout the whole supply chain and extended throughout the communities in sandstone production areas, children are being taken out of work and enrolled in education.

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