SCH Getting ready for Christmas!

A grower of Christmas Trees tasked SCH (Supplies) with designing and building a large capacity unit for quick and efficient watering of many rows of trees .
The 900 litre tank is mounted on a single chassis and is baffled to reduce the surge of water.
The dispensing lance can be mounted either side of the unit, and targets the water directly to the base of the tree, where it is needed. Nutrients can also be incorporated where required.
The dispenser is operated by the driver of the vehicle via an easy, cab mounted 12 volt solenoid system that does not interfere with the progress or steering of the vehicle. This also means that the flow can be easily shut down between each tree as the towing vehicle drives past, and at end turns, thus conserving the water in the tank which then requires less re-filling. Vast areas of planting can therefore be watered by one person, without having to leave the tractor seat, and without even having to keep stopping the vehicle.
Powered by a 2” Honda pump with adjustable flow, the unit also comes with a separate six meters of hose with lance for spraying by hand.
As well as being easy to fill from conventional mains sources, the tank can be filled from reservoirs, private lakes etc via the external source filling adaptor.
If required the tree waterer can also be produced as a fully road legal version. Although this particular unit is being used for Christmas trees, the same principle can be used where any type of tree is planted in large rows, including commercial hedging and vineyards.
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