Savings on battery-powered mowers

Etesia UK offers savings on selected models in its Duocut range of green technology battery-powered pedestrian mowers.
The revolution in battery powered equipment continues to sweep through the groundscare industry and it is easy to see why – no emissions, low noise, low vibration, easy operation, reduced risk of fuel spills and fires, and lower maintenance requirements.
Etesia UK was one of the first manufacturers to bring battery-powered equipment to the marketplace, which enabled professional users to work for a full day on a single charge. The company invests more money in green technology research than it does in any other department and this, in turn, enables Etesia to continue to offer ever-improving grass cutting machines.

Four Duocut models are at a discounted rate:
The Etesia Duocut 41 NACS battery-powered pedestrian mower, self-propelled three-in-one mower with a 41cm cutting width
The Duocut 41 NACTS push mower
Duocut 46 PACS and PACTS have 46cm cutting widths, with self-propelled or push options.

The spring and summer special offers include a discounted additional battery unit compatible with all four of the Duocut battery-powered models.

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