Championing the SCAG SWZ

The SWZ is the model name for the SCAG pedestrian mower supplied in the UK and parts of Europe by STM Co Ltd – and few know these machines better than grounds maintenance company Hortech Ltd, as it has used SCAGs for 25 years.
Commercial Director Duncan Jones has recently taken delivery of four SCAG SWZs, and explained why SCAGs are so high on his specification list for work on industrial, gas and water utility sites.
For example, the steeply angled sides on domestic reservoirs always present a challenge, and the SWZ with the twin-wheel option is a well-established and respected solution, as it effectively lowers the machine’s centre of gravity to keep it well placed on angles.
Duncan also mentioned how the new machines are supplied with spark limiters because of the working environment involved in a new contract involving a large number of sites.
Hortech has more than 40 SCAGs in its fleet,  used throughout the year as they can be fitted with the STM snow blades.
STM is proud to have Hortech Ltd as a customer.

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