Defending Dahlias


Dahlias are a favourite in Britain’s gardens thanks to their amazing variety and colour. They are easy to grow and are suitable for planting in containers and borders, so they can be grown in any sized garden or patio.
The main problem, especially when the dahlias are young shoots, are pests such as slugs, caterpillars and thrips. The plants can be entirely decimated early in the season if preventative measures are not taken. A great way to make sure that your dahlias are protected is by watering on microscopic nematodes.
The Nemaslug and Nemasys range of products developed by BASF contains millions of beneficial nematodes that can travel through soil to where the pests are hiding. Slugs spend most of their time underground and nematodes can attack them before they are in sight, unlike when using pellets. A regular regime of using Nemaslug every six weeks is the most effective way to keep slugs at bay throughout the growing season and will help to ensure the dahlias survive another year.
Other common problems with dahlias are caused by thrips and caterpillars. Both like to munch through foliage and can devastate a number of plants, fruit and vegetable crops in a short time. The key is to stay vigilant and keep an eye out for signs of damage. Treating dahlias with nematodes as a preventative method can also help to put your mind at ease. Nemasys Fruit and Veg Protection contains several different species of nematode, and each species targets a different prey, making this a fast and effective way to protect lots of plants from a wide range of common pests with one control.

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