Sales boosted – costs cut

UK Olive tree supplier, Villaggio Verde, is to enhance their landscapers’ package, cut their costs and reduce carbon emissions, by using online video.
The package, which involves taking a full brief from landscape designers, and providing a portfolio of choices, now means designers can receive a 360 degree video of each tree proposed.
Jason Hales, Director of Villaggio Verde told The Landscaper : “Choosing an olive tree is very personal and customers love the videos – now they can take a virtual walk around the tree of their choice, and see it from all angles.”
“The video works so well for our clients, that now people don’t even want to visit the trees first – and we can simply take the order and despatch the trees within 24 hours of the client viewing the footage – a cost saving we can pass to our clients. We are effectively helping our clients cut their CO2, as they no longer need to drive to see us.
It takes all the guess work out of buying the trees, and ensures clients get exactly what they order.”
Not only does Villaggio Verde offer unbeatable value, it is also committed to saving trees destined for firewood. Many specimens – some over 300 years old – are saved when olive groves are replanted.
“It’s a tragedy that these magnificent specimens would be burned as firewood if we didn’t work so closely with the owners of the olive groves. Every one of our trees has a story, and thanks to our clients, we can give them positive endings”.

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