Radical new range

M&M Timber has introduced a radical new range of ‘price-axed’ lines, aimed at giving retailers a more competitively priced volume product with added customer appeal.
Specifically designed with the changing buying patterns of the garden industry in mind, the long awaited product range aptly named ‘Gardeners’ Choice’, lends itself to the impulse buy that can easily be picked up off the sales floor and taken home.
Gardeners’ Choice 100 plus product range includes raised beds and patio planters, trellis panels, gates, garden structures and a comprehensive choice of Fencemate stakes, rails and fitments.
“The market is changing and we have identified a real need for attractively priced volume products that retailers will find easier to sell direct off the sales floor,” Commercial Director Andy Hodgetold The Landscaper “In these tough trading conditions we have focused on delivering attractively priced products that will drive both considered and impulse buying.”
Competitive pricing will be the key to the success of Gardeners’ Choice, which was the centre of attention on M&M Timber’s show stand at GLEE, attracting record feedback and adding a 25% increase in trade enquiries.
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