Shredder for limited access

Ryetec Bugnot BVE 3 brings high performance commercial shredding to areas with limited access, no wider than a wheel barrow at 76cm (30”) allows the BVE3 access through standard pedestrian gate or door way.
Once past the obstruction then with a capacity of either 80 or 100 cms (3-4”) and a power feed roller system, all types of green waste can be reduced to an easily composted mulch and blown with the machines adjustable ejection chute into trailers, bags or barrows for easy disposal. The BVE 3 uses a proven drum and hammer system, exactly the same as on its largest 100hp shredder the BVE11, but in a much narrower version with 24 sharpened hammers. These machines ‘tear’ the material apart, ideal when material is to be composted and the hammersystem is capable of taking stones, nails and other contaminants which cuts out the expensive damage which can occur with most chippers when they encounter this type of material.

A 14hp Kohler petrol engine provides plenty of power and an operator controlled lever operates the powered feed roller, which forces even the most twisted material directly into the shredding drum. The machine is easily loaded onto trailers for movement from site to site and a simple over centre lever engages drive from the engine to the shredding drum to give easy no load starting.
The BVE 3 is also available with a power driven wheel system for easy movement on difficult terrain, and as a tractor driven version, these machines can also be fitted with a no-stress feed system for totally automatic feed operation.
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