Safety Cut

STM Co Ltd in Warwickshire have been dealers for the Humus range of grasscare machinery for many years, with the spiral “Safety Cut” mulching head being an outstanding and award-winning product.
Humus have specialised in machinery for cutting grass in the fruit growing areas, and the required maintenance under tree branches has lead to the development of the AFLR unit for maintaining grass under solar farm PV units. The attachment acts like a rear-mounted mowing deck with three available cut sizes of 1.40m, 1.83m and 1.93m, with the addition of side shift to position the head well under a PV unit, utilising a swing-out head. This swing-out head features a sensor to move it back out of the way when it reaches any part of the frame structure.
To explain how the cut width works out, an AFLR1800, for example, cuts 1.4m with the swing out head in, 1.76 with it out, plus the facility to move the whole unit laterally 1.6m.
There are two larger units – the AFLR2300 [1.83 to 2.39 with 2.33m sideshift] and the AFLR2500 [1.93 to 2.56 with 2.49 sideshift].
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