The last weekend of March has been found to be the most common weekend for mowing the lawn.
A survey, carried out by leading lawnmower manufacturer Cub Cadet, found that the most popular day for giving the lawnmower its first outing of the year was Sunday 26th March, closely followed by Saturday 25th in second place.
March was found to be the month when lawns received their first cut with 66.5% of all participants reporting their first mow.

Cub Cadet launched the survey to see if changing weather patterns are taking their toll on gardening conditions and maintenance, and more specifically lawns.
Discussing the findings, Nick Hills, General Manager for Cub Cadet UK, said: “Feedback from our customers and dealers last year suggested that the mowing season was notably longer than previous years so we wanted to find out if this was true.  It’s too early to say for definite if people are starting to mow earlier in the year, we need future years’ data to demonstrate that, but feedback from recipients certainly indicates that this may be likely.”
Initial comments from respondents back up Cub Cadet’s suspicions that the lawn mowing season is being extended and starting earlier than ever. With comments such as “the mowing season is definitely getting longer. When we first moved to this house in the 70’s, the first cut used to be mid to late April & final one early October. Now it is usually late March until early November;” and “We have lived at the house for 31 years and I think this is the earliest we have started mowing.”
A representative sample of 233 people were surveyed.


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