Maintenance Solutions

Dennis and SISIS will show a range of market-leading turf maintenance equipment at the 2018 Sports Turf Managers Association (STMA) Conference and Exhibition, January 16-19 in Fort Worth, Texas.
Dennis will showcase its G860 dedicated cylinder mower, with a range of interchangeable cassettes, (including scarifiers, verticutters, brushes, spikers, slitters and six- or eight-bladed cutting cylinders) and the newly launched Spring Tine Rake, which has 42 springs with 12mm spacings that can be used for the removal of dead turf matter, cleaning the surface and helping to stand grasses up. All cassettes can be changed easily without tools.
Visitors to the Dennis and SISIS stand will see the SISIS Javelin Aer-Aid 1500 tractor-mounted vertical action aerator, which injects air directly into the root zone speeding up the aeration process, moving air uniformly throughout the root zone for complete aeration and not just where the tines have penetrated the surface. Those operating the Javelin Aer-Aid have the flexibility to alternate tines for other operations such as hollow coring prior to top dressing. Other benefits include a fast forward speed for excellent productivity, minimal maintenance and a smooth and quiet operation.
From natural turf to synthetic, solutions include the ride-on SISIS Brush-Pro, the tractor-mounted SISIS SSS1000 sweeper that can be pulled by any machine, and the Singleplay implement-mounted frame that accepts a variety of implements such as the 1.8m Flexicomb and the 1.8m Straight Brush – both of which will be on show at STMA.
Experienced turf experts from Dennis and SISIS will be on hand at the exhibition to speak in more detail about the products. /

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