Stomach Churn


The Green-tech team has unveiled its hilarious version of the jungle favourite ‘I’m a celebrity get me out of here’ with a somewhat stomach-churning bush tucker trial.
Customers and suppliers voted for the 12 Green-tech volunteers who bravely agreed to take part in the gruesome eating challenge, where jellied eels, lamb testicles, Morio worms, and cat food featured on the menu.
The four with the most votes took to the challenge like professionals, and the event video can be viewed at:
The Christmas video has been eagerly anticipated within the landscaping industry. One member of the final four is particularly entertaining, and dug deep for the stamina to complete his ‘courses’. It’s a much-watch video for some light Christmas relief.
Managing Director Rachel Kay comments: “Green-tech is renowned as the leading supplier in the landscape industry, and our people are amongst the best out there. We are concerned that ITV might try to poach presenter Roger McGivern, but he’s assured us that the bright lights of television can’t compare with the delight he gets from selling tree stakes, soil and wildflower seeds. Our video has been incredibly well received, and reiterates there is no one else like us in the industry, and we’ll always go the extra mile to see our customers smile!”

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