Record and Trace

Synthetic Turf Maintenance specialists, Replay, has launched PitchPassport® 365, which is set to revolutionise the recording and traceability of synthetic turf maintenance and become the benchmark for the industry and beyond.
PitchPassport® 365 is designed to provide full integration between the manufacturer, installer, maintainer and the facility, collating historical, current and predictive maintenance information for all types of synthetic surfaces. Featuring online and offline functionality, all pertinent information and reports relating to the facility can be reported as the maintenance visit is taking place utilising live-stream monitoring technology. The data can then be accessed securely, anywhere at anytime from your inbox or dedicated client portal app.
Key features include the usage calculator and heat mapping technology, which uses an embedded algorithm to produce a dedicated map of the pitch, showing the high-wear areas of the facility in question. The information gathered by the tool can then be used in-house or by the external maintainer to ensure effective maintenance efforts. It can also be used to diagnose and schedule maintenance to resolve potential issues before they become major concerns.
Through the app, the facility can view scheduled maintenance visits using the calendar function, including a thorough description of the work (to be) carried out, and any job notes specific to the surface. The maintainer can then edit the job live from the site, submitting photos, documents or notes from their visit creating a comprehensive maintenance report. Another feature, ReplayRescue, gives the operator the ability to report any urgent matters instantly using a red or amber alert to highlight the need for further action.
Replay Managing Director and brainchild of PitchPassport® 365 Garry Martin said: “At Replay, we pride ourselves on being forward-thinking and always striving for that next tool and technique to take the synthetic turf maintenance industry to the next level. With PitchPassport® 365, we now have a tool that not only streamlines our operations, but offers tracking and traceability of works that has never previously been available. This enhances health, safety and asset protection and removes grey areas and burden of proof. Using the metrics obtained from the many features of PitchPassport® 365, Replay and the industry as a whole can use the information to enhance future offerings.”

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