Longer life

Installed 2005 in Monaco – a Mobilane Living wall

Living systems such as walls, screens and roofs are relatively free of regulations, and there are no nationally recognised performance standards in place. As a result, specifiers are having to trust suppliers’ claims on the performance of their systems and do not have minimum standards to guide them.
“This is a ridiculous situation to be in.” says Sean Farrell of Mobilane, “With no minimum standards in place, and no strong regulations governing the marketplace, suppliers of living systems are free to take systems to market which have not been properly tested and which are not fit for purpose.
“At Mobilane we are able to show photos of progression of growth over 6, 12 and 18 months, as well as examples which continue to thrive after many years. Specifiers should also ensure they choose suppliers who can offer maintenance systems to protect their investment. In our opinion, green walls should not need replacing every four years, they should last a lifetime.”
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