Fastest mower in the world

The 3.0-litre D-4D Toyota Hilux double cab will be used by the team for the next couple of months during testing and development to carry crew, tools and equipment. An ideal vehicle to help the team achieve their goal, the 169bhp engine with 343Nm of torque is good for towing and there is also the benefit of legendary off-road ability.

In 2006, Bob Cleveland from the USA threw down a gauntlet to the world by becoming the first human being to travel at more than 80 mph on a lawn mower: no mean achievement. Since then, no-one has dared to try and beat his record – until now. Team Runningblade, headed by Stephen Vokins, aims to bring this world record to Great Britain, and by a margin of more than 25% on February 27-28 Pendine Sands Wales.
"Lets get serious", says Vokins. "This is a proper record, and building a lawnmower capable of speeds well into three figures is no easy feat undertaken in an afternoon. For a start, it still has to be a lawnmower, capable of cutting grass properly. And then it has to obey the laws of physics that will try to stop it going so fast, both through drag and also aerodynamics. There is a real danger that if the aerodynamics are wrong, it will flip up in the air, with disastrous results".
"Be under no illusions: this is no collection of blokes standing around in a shed wondering what to do until the pub opens. Backed by some of Britains finest companies who are contributing their expertise and funds to the project, this is a hand-picked team of professionals and experts in their fields, all bringing their knowledge and experience to achieve something that no-one has ever done before – to crack the ton on a ride-on lawnmower!"
The project caught the imagination of Harry Handkammer founder of Countax who manufacture a range of 48 different models and export tractors to 40 different countries. Countax are therefore the best placed to produce a record breaking machine with such extrodinary characteristics.

The Team are also committed to raise money for two charities – Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children and Wessex Heartbeat.

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There are many press opportunities to exploit, and Project Runningbade’s PR Agency will be only too happy to ensure these are maximised, and there will also be the chance to have a Corporate Video made to promote yet further the sponsors role in winning this world record for Britain.
It is hoped that a TV programme will be commissioned covering the story of the attempt, and that this will air not only in the UK, but will be sold to foreign broadcasters, and a shortened version will be posted on the internet to ensure maximum coverage. To discuss how you can be a sponsor through a donation or in kind, contact – Clare Hensley-Boyd Sponsorship and Marketing Manager

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