Keep on top

In the current weather conditions it is obvious the problems that contractors are facing trying to keep on top of grass cutting, with more than enough rain and warm conditions, grass just grows and grows.
With more grass to cut and waterlogged ground it is a struggle not only to cut the grass but distribute the high volume of cuttings evenly.
One solution is Ryetecs range of fine cutting flails which are designed to leave a finish equal to that of a high quality rotary mower or amenity cylinder mower, not only this but they will operate in some of the wettest conditions and longest grass leaving a quality finish, internal mulching bars reduce cuttings volume to a minimum and these are spread evenly across the complete mowing width. With a flail collector the cuttings can be removed completely where the volume is so great that cutting left behind might kill the grass beneath.
The flail mower has traditionally been used to control vegetation which is long, overgrown and wet and these features remain in the Ryetec range which have been fine tuned to provide the quality of cut not normally associated with this type of machine with improved flail and rotor technology.
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