Market transformer……Zyplex plastic fence

Iplas, the manufacturer of the Zyplex range of sustainable building products, is set to transform the market with a new type of plastic fence.
The Halifax-based firm has launched Zyplex fencing, which is made from a range of blended polymers that are rigorously engineered and tested and developed using Iplas’ plastic processing technology.
Paul Harris, Iplas’ sales and marketing director, told The Landscaper the new product is different to anything else on the market: “There really is no other product like Zyplex fencing. It combines the stiffness of polystyrene with the impact resistance of polyethylene to make a mixed-plastic material that is ideally suited to long life fencing applications.”
The company is working with a number of commercial organisations that will fabricate and install the product; and a new six-page brochure called Transformations has been produced to support the range and promote its many benefits.
Iplas has also announced new partnerships with social enterprises, which will see it use a number of its fencing projects to help the long-term unemployed and young people from disadvantaged neighbourhoods develop the skills, experience and confidence they need to get their lives back on track.
The new range is suitable for a wide range of uses. The plastic lumber and posts can be used for bird’s mouth fencing, standard fences and screens. Sections can be cut, screwed, nailed and bolted together.
Mr Harris added: “Our products are used by many major organisations in both the public and private sector and it’s particularly rewarding that we’ve been able to team up with social enterprises and use our projects to help people get back on their feet.”
Zyplex offers potentially significant cost and performance advantages over more traditional products; and is formulated for its strength, durability and stability. It is easy to install and has an impact resistant surface that makes it difficult to vandalise; it won’t rot, chip, break or fade; will last longer than wood, needs no maintenance and doesn’t require any staining or sealants.
Tel: 01422 343257
In addition to housing, Iplas sells to sectors including rail, construction, industrial, domestic and marine. Its output also includes crib walls, paving, outdoor and street furniture.

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