War on mould……Never Green

The majority of fence damage is caused by microorganisms. Fence treatment products are used to prevent the damage and decay of fencing. controls the effect of weather conditions on a fence and also prevents the growth of microorganisms and helps prolong its life.
It incorporates a revolutionary treatment for outdoor wooden surfaces, against mould and mildew attack.
Just one application to the fence will prevent a build up of mould and mildew. By using long lasting NeverGreen you no longer need to use harsh cleaning companies so you are being kinder to the environment, – the garden is protected and looks better for longer.
When applied to a new or newly cleaned fence NeverGreen forms an invisible barrier. This barrier resists stains, repels water and kills bacteria and mould spores as they attempt to land on the wood, preventing them from bonding with the structure and so preventing them from discolouring the surface.

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