New Heavy Duty Contractor Range

Ryetec will officially introduce the Contractor range of Log processing machinery at the APF show in Sept . These machines offer a complete range of log saws, both horizontal and vertical log splitters and also complete processors.
The Ryetec Contractor Saws offer electric, tractor PTO and engine driven options for the CS700 series saws which have a 700mm diameter tungsten tipped blade and feature a robust chassis design with ‘easy swing’ saw benches which maximise output for commercial use. These machines can also be specified with an integrated conveyor system to load cut logs directly into trailers or bags with 3 & 4 metre fixed or 4 & 5 metre telescopic conveyors and an optional 12 ton splitter is also available.
The Contractor log splitters are available with 12,13,16,22 and a massive 30 ton splitting force in either vertical or horizontal format the later with splitting lengths of up to 2.5 metres. Various options such as a 20 metre winch on the larger vertical machines as well as the usual cross wedges and either PTO or tractor hydraulic.
The Contractor Processor combines all the experience of the independent saws and splitters in an automated system with either an 800 or 1000mm diameter hydraulically driven saw blade for high speed cutting with minimum maintenance. These machines can be tailored to individual specification, and can cope with maximum material diameters of either 33.5cms or 42cms. Logs are sawn and then depending on size either elevated directly into a waiting receptacle or tipped in to a 14 ton splitter with the standard adjustable 2, 4 or 6 way splitting axe. The operation is controlled by one man with a joystick to control log feed in to the saw, the sawing action and the splitting function all with one hand, the other hand is then free to control the log gripper and alter if necessary the adjustable splitting wedge depending on log size.
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