Havoc Unwreaked

There is a direct correlation between grass growth and ground temperature, and the extreme lows followed by recent highs will have grass growing incredibly well. The downside to this, however, is the increased chances of moss and weeds growth.
Dealing with these problems and creating the perfect lawn takes time and patience, so it is vital to use the correct equipment at the correct time.
The unique Complete Lawncare System from Allett has six interchangeable cartridges that fit on to Allett’s Kensington petrol mowers and Liberty 43 battery powered mowers. The system transforms the machine from a traditional mower to a specialist gardening tool by changing its cartridges. The system includes an aerator, a lawn brush, dethatcher, verticutter and a 10-bladed cartridge, and the walk-behind cylinder lawnmower.
Scarifying is a key way to ensuring lawn is healthy and green throughout the summer, and is a particularly good way of repairing it after the recent cold weather spells. The Allett scarifier cartridge gently removes moss and thatch, while also reduces weeds and prevents future problems. For lawns with severe problems and thick growth of dead matter, an alternative cartridge in the system to use is the dethatcher.
All of the cartridges are available from Allett’s UK wide network of specialist independent garden machinery dealers.

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