Dependable All-temperature Starting

The new Cub Cadet fuel-injected engine boasts serious strength, delivering the kind of high-performance power you’d expect from Cub Cadet. Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) uses up to 25% less fuel, which means fewer emissions and fewer fill-ups. Less time needs to be spent on maintenance as it has no carburettor and requires fewer oil changes.
To become Cub Cadet certified, engines are evaluated using a rigorous process to ensure they have been built to uphold our standards of strength, high performance and premium quality. Going to extremes, Cub Cadet engines are field tested in the most challenging environments to ensure dependable all-temperature starting.
EFI uses a special high-pressure fuel delivery nozzle to inject an ultra-fine mist of fuel into the engine. An electronic control unit uses sensors around the engine to deliver the precise amount of fuel the engine needs, improving response, efficiency and starting. Cub EFI adjusts the fuel metering on-the-fly to compensate for variations in load, speed, fuels, temps, and pressures to always feed your engine the perfect charge that it needs for maximum performance at any task.
EFI systems produce cleaner combustion resulting in a cleaner engine. Clean engines can go longer between regular oil changes and required major maintenances. A major benefit of EFI systems is the greatly improved cold and hot starting performance. Even after a long period of non-use, during Winter for example, the EFI engine is more likely to start first time. The fuel system is ethanol resistant and compatible with ethanol fuel blends.
The Cub Cadet EFI engine is available in the XT2 PR107ie and XT2 PS117i.

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