The Buffalo BPHP2 two-wheel drive and the Buffalo BPHPX2 four-wheel-drive options which can cut, collect or mulch; and with the use of a deflector, cut high grass areas – in all weathers.
The new generation model enhanced features include:
Even better grass collection performance
Faster working speed to increase productivity by 30%
Larger fuel tank means 35% longer running timeEtesia Buffalo (2)Improved power steering
Safer slope work (10 degrees)
Enhanced operator comfort
Braking efficiency doubled
New deck drive system
Even more robust and efficient
With a 1 metre cutting width and cutting heights from 44-102mm, both machines are able to cut and collect areas up to 12,000 m² per hour and able to empty the 600 litre grass box up to 1.8 metres above the ground thanks to the high-tip emptying system.
Fitted with a 20.5HP Perkins 403 D07 three cylinder diesel engine and an electromagnetic blade clutch with brake, these new models have been designed and manufactured to withstand the rigours of commercial use.
The new Etesia Buffalo ride-on mowers also ensure complete versatility with a range of attachments available including snow plough and snow chains for winter maintenance, front-mounted sweeper and scarifier.
The new Hydro 100 III ride-on mower; which marks the era of a new line for the Etesia ride-on models.
What is immediately striking about the new H100 III is its new look – A front which is more aggressive and more expressive with tight lines and integrated side body panels for a streamline look.
While it capitalises on the strengths of the previous model, the new Etesia Hydro 100 III ride-on mower is innovative, offering commercial users even greater efficiency and operator comfort. The Hydro 100 III is derived from a unique concept to allow mowing and collection in all weather conditions; meaning it is the perfect mower for professional users who demand the ultimate machine for extreme mowing and collection requirements.
It has a new powerful 18HP Kawasaki engine, and a large 500-litre grass box that can be emptied in seconds thanks to its hydraulic tipping – The Hydro 100 III is a model that goes beyond existing standards.
New features include:
New engine for more power
New steering system for greater comfort
New transmission for better productivityEtesia H100 III (2)A differential lock for better traction
A larger fuel tank for longer running time
The new H100 III boasts a modern hydraulic drive transmission with differential lock for improved traction and drivability. Its 18 HP twin-cylinder Kawasaki engine and its larger 14-litre fuel tank give it more power and range. The cutting deck with rear central ejection combined with two counter-rotating blades, while the high-clearance bridge and the large box make it an undisputed standard-setter for mowing and collection.
Thanks to its new look, the Hydro 100 III cutting deck provides the user with a machine capable of providing the perfect mix – 100% effective collection or mulching, giving you the best of both functions. The optional mulching insert can be set up in a few seconds without any tools allowing you to mulch with an unmatched quality.
The hydro 100 III is available with a range of accessories allow it to be active throughout the year undertaking various applications which include mowing with collection, mowing, mulching, spreading, towing and road cleaning. It is a true multi-functional professional user machine.
Etesia rear roller kit for easy effortless striping.
Etesia pedestrian mowers have become world renowned for cutting and collecting in all weather conditions – even the wet, but before now were not available with a rear roller kit for that all important presentation.Etesia Rear Roller (1)
The first Etesia model available with the rear roller kit is the range of 41cm cutting width Duocut machines which are now able to cut, collect, stripe and by fitting the mulching insert, mulch – making this particular range of rotary mowers a must in anyone’s armoury. Rear roller kits to fit the 46cm cutting width models, which are Etesia’s most popular models, will be available soon.No tools are required to fit the roller kits to an Etesia machine – just simply hang the free floating roller on two locating pins behind the grass box. 
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