Great corporate opportunity !

African Vision Malawi (AVM) support orphan and vulnerable people (with disabilities, ultra-poor and HIV+) in a rural area in Malawi. 
Projects through education, clean water, reforestation, health access and self-sufficiency are implemented to enhance the community in becoming sustainable. They believe in giving a hand up and not a hand out.
They are building a Training Village in the heart of their community in traditional techniques of rammed earth and thatching. This will provide vocational skills to enable the most vulnerable people to set up income generating project, but will also provide life skills training, such as permaculture, supporting HIV/AIDS, supporting orphans, benefits of good nutrition etc. They are celebrating their 10th anniversary this year and have been awarded a Conceptual Garden at Hampton Court Flower show in July. The garden is visually stunning giving an important message on future food security in Malawi.
An infinity mirror at the heart of the garden creates an illusion of fields of mono-cropped maize stretching into the distance. But this is an illusion and we should question if it provides long term food security. African Vision Malawi is promoting a sustainable programme of planting as a means of combating famine and building resilient communities.
AVM are looking for a sponsor for the garden and this will provide an amazing corporate opportunity of publicity through the BBC and during the corporate hospitality opening night where there will be entertainment of African dancing and Traditional dancers on stilts.
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