Eliminate uneven tyre wear – save as much as £500

Standard trailer suspension often causes a problem as the inner edge of the tyres can wear down faster, resulting in the need for premature tyre changes. Towmate trailer axles are manufactured with toe-in and positive camber, thus eliminating uneven tyre wear.
Based on a twin axle trailer set of tyres costing approximately £168, it can save as much as £500 over the life of a trailer, let alone the time, fitting and inconvenience saved with a trailer off the road.
Towmate trailers  were launched in 2015 by ATE (UK) Ltd, specialist suppliers of towing equipment and spares since 1995.
Years of focusing on every aspect of towed equipment has enabled ATE to offer a comprehensive range of robust, high quality trailers that are more than equal to the demanding rugged use expected by today’s landscapers.
Central to the Towmate trailer design is the fully welded (not bolted or riveted), hot dipped galvanized steel chassis, strong A-frame drawbar and quality rubber torsion suspension, all of which are inherent features across the range. All 1800kg axles are constructed using strong 100mm box section, thus boasting the strongest axles in the market.
Towmate   trailers are available in a range of different styles and sizes, including tippers, flat bed trailers, tilt-decks, goods trailers, unbraked and plant trailers.
The entire range is VCA approved, and are available with standard or LED lighting. Spares are also readily available for all types of trailer or towed equipment on a next day, a.m. delivery service.
Tel: 01206 589555

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