Say goodbye to patio black spots for good!

What are black spots and what causes them to grow on stonework?

‘Patio Black Spots’ are those hideous black marks and spots that colonise on the surface of most garden stonework after an average 3 year period.  They begin life as tiny dust-like microspores (sometimes called Black Lichen), originating from the tree.  These spores travel through the air by the wind and rain, landing in their millions, unseen, on your garden stonework.

How can you get rid them?

It is possible to get your patio looking fresh and new this summer with The Patio Black Spot Removal System, an innovative solution that zaps black spots and marks and prevents their return.  Simple to use as well as being safe for the garden and its wildlife, this wonderful range that was shortlisted as a Best New Gardening Product by industry experts at the Garden Retail Awards in 2015 is winning an army of fans right across the UK.

How does it work?

To use the old adage:  ‘It does what it says on the tin’, the Patio Black Spot Removal System removes black spots immediately and permanently.  There is no need to call in any tradesmen or specialists either because you can use the product yourself.  It is really simple to apply and is quick-working too.

Is it easy to apply?

It is so simple and Patio Black Spot Remover customers, past and present, vary in age, fitness levels and gardening know-how.

The chosen Remover is applied neat to the patio area using a pressurized garden washer for ease of use.  Then stand back and get some instant gratification as you see the black spots fade pretty much straight away.

What makes it so special and different from using a water-pressure washer?

The Patio Black Spot Remover and Preventer irrigate the pores in the stone, helping to bring stonework back to its original colour.  Whilst a bit of water force or the application of general household cleaning products might give you a temporary solution, they will never offer a lasting effect.  In fact, it only serves to damages the surface: by this time these microspores have anchored themselves onto your stonework, they are there to stay and multiply. Pressure washing can also damage stonework, make it more vulnerable to organic infestations and susceptible to frost damage.

Are these products safe to use?

Absolutely!  All Patio Black Spot Remover and Preventer products are organic, safe to use, and completely biodegradable. It will not compromise the garden or its wildlife in any way.

Can the Removers and the Preventer be used on all types of stone?

Yes.  The formulations are acid and caustic-free formulation so you can use it on every type of stone, be it Artificial Stone, Natural Stone and Brick or Block Paving.

Is the range expensive?

No.  The ‘Removers’ offer a brilliant average cleaning cost of just £3.50 per square metre and the ‘Preventer’ costs less then £1.00 per square metre, annually.

How often would I need to use the range?

The Patio Black Spot Remover is a one-off treatment, complemented by the Patio Black Spot Preventer which is to be applied annually.   This prevents the return of black Spots after two years – the period in which the spores germinate.

Where can I buy it?

You can buy direct from

or call 01252 702123 to see where your nearest stockist is.

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