The ever present threat of vehicle theft provides a real danger to used car buyers and recent analysis from HPI reveals that 4x4s and compact executive-style vehicles are most at threat from being stolen. HPI is warning car buyers not to fall foul of criminals looking to sell on these vehicles and stresses that they only need to take a few simple but effective steps to beat the car crooks.
“Unsurprisingly the large majority of vehicles stolen are cars, interestingly if we dig a little deeper we can see that top of the list are 4x4s and compact executive-style cars. These are most commonly hitting our stolen register, together making up a quarter of the vehicles HPI reveals as currently stolen,” explains Nicola Johnson, Consumer Services Manager for HPI.
Stolen vehicles are often ‘cloned’ to disguise their identity so that they appear legitimate, with thieves applying legitimate vehicle identities to the stolen vehicles in order to be able to sell them on.
Before purchasing a vehicle it’s worth getting a hpi check

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