Cost of visiting all 27 EU countries in 27 days

 Online travel agency have created a graphic showing the cost of visiting all 27 EU countries in 27 consecutive days. The epic round trip, which begins in London and lasts nearly 4 weeks, comes with a price tag of just under £1,500. As well as a cost breakdown per fight, the graphic also suggests a unique visitor attraction for each destination.

Although the £1,500 sum covers only the costs of flights, also calculated that for a grand sum of £2,800, inner-city travel, food, and the cost of entry to one major attraction would also be possible.
The study, which was undertaken with tomorrow’s referendum vote in mind, is intended to inspire those on both sides of the argument to take advantage of the ease of travelling within the EU, aspects of which could be altered following an outcome of “Exit”. It also serves to inform those who are concerned about a Brexit result the feasibility of visiting their European sisters and brothers at this much talked-about time. CEO Oliver Dhlouhy commented, “As well as being our second largest market, the UK is also one of our favourite destinations, meaning we are keeping a very keen eye on the opinion polls in regards to the referendum. Whatever the outcome may be, we see this as an excellent opportunity to inspire travel within the continent currently in the spotlight of the world stage.”
In a poll conducted by and Travelbird this week, 77% of EU citizens from outside of the UK stated they would prefer Britain to remain in the EU, whilst only 20% stated it would affect a decision to visit the UK should Britain Exit.

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