Storm Doris was named on the 21 February as yellow and amber warnings for wind, snow and rain were issued by the Met Office.
Overnight and into the morning of the 23 February, Storm Doris underwent explosive cyclogenesis labelling it a weather bomb. The centre of the storm moved rapidly through Northern Ireland in the early hours, across northern England and out into the North Sea by the early afternoon.
Strong winds and gusts were experienced across the UK particularly in North Wales where a gust of 94 mph was recorded at Capel Curig.
Fences Down  
All over the country fences were blown down creating a huge demand for  all the materials needed replace or repair.
The main reason for a weak fence is usually down to wear and tear although even the strongest construction would be threatened by the likes of Doris
You might want to consider offering customers a fence  that allows the wind to pass through it. Installing garden railings or a picket fence will allow the wind to pass through whilst still giving an amount of privacy and security.  If the fence is more than 10 years old it likely that the posts (if wooden) will have become weakened  at the base due to moisture in the soil soaking through into the wood.

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