Living Hut

Plankbridge, has launched its new Living Hut, adding a larger and more versatile moveable space to its already established collection of huts. Offering more room to play with and added flexibility on the dimensions and layout, the Living Hut is the perfect option for those looking for a more substantial outdoor space for their home office, studio, spare bedroom or garden room.
Much like shepherd’s huts, living vans, huts and wagons would have been common place in the English countryside during the early 20th century, used widely by agricultural workers, as well as those building roads and railways. The major difference between the two is that most shepherd’s huts had a footprint of around 12’ by 6’6”, which Plankbridge still honours today, while other mobile accommodation spaces came in many shapes and sizes, depending on its agricultural or industrial use, and also had its wheels set underneath its sides and the door at the steering end.Richard Lee, owner and co-founder of Plankbridge, explains; “We had requests from customers to increase the footprint of their shepherd’s hut, but this meant that it would no longer be a shepherd’s hut at all, so we needed to develop a hut that still had historical and agricultural roots, but allowed for increased adaptability. The extra space gives us new options, such as internal walls for shower rooms, so can make all the difference for those wanting to fit all of their home comforts within their hut. The Living Hut is the perfect extension to our offering, as it remains true to the Victorian heritage that is the foundation of what we do at Plankbridge, while giving us more freedom to create the bespoke bolthole that will get its owners back out into the great outdoors.”
A Living Hut with English oak windows and stable door, a solid French oak floor and a Farrow & Ball painted interior with kitchen and washroom facilities would be in the region of £35,000. Living Huts equipped for year-round accommodation benefit from a lower rate of 5% VAT.

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