Sell or buy

The Landscape Design Trust explores succession planning and who will look after the business when you step down.

For many business owners the thought of who will take over from them when they retire or slow down is something that usually crosses their minds at the last minute – if at all. Time after time surveys reveal that although a majority of business owners agree that succession planning is important, over half have no succession plan in place. Without a proper strategy, business owners could find themselves working well into their 70s, which could hold the business back and limit potential income.

The Landscape Design Trust is encouraging business owners, particularly those relating to landscape or the built environment, to start thinking about succession planning now, even if they think they have years before they need to consider it. A half day seminar run by the Trust at the end of March will encourage business owners to address a number of questions: How healthy is the business’ How ready are you to sell it or merge with another company’ Would your employees consider buying you out’ Do you know what the business is worth to you’

LDT’s Succession Planning seminar takes place on 31 March 2009 at University College London and costs £75 plus VAT, or £60 plus VAT for subscribers to the Trust’s journal,

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