Rosy Outlook

Growers and garden retailers attending the HTA British Rose Group (BRG) event agreed that greater awareness should be made of the new varieties of roses available.
Some of the older and established varieties grown and sold are prone to disease and newer disease resistant varieties have been bred which are not so susceptible to problems such as blackspot. However, there is a certain amount of nostalgia associated with some of the older and more traditional varieties and as a result there continues to be demand for them even though there are more successful alternatives available.
Mark Goold, who grows and sells roses at Henry Street Garden Centre, comments, “You want customers to have a good experience with their roses, especially the first time rose buyer. By buying a newer variety they are more likely to have a successful experience.”
He adds, “We select the varieties by their quality and ability to flower – they need to look good in the garden centre. As growers we can help garden retailers make their rose offer more attractive by providing a supporting package – colour labels, point of sales and regular deliveries. We have found that those centres that dedicate a member of staff to looking after roses tend to have better sales. Also, we encourage retailers to provide added value such as offering a potting and wrapping service for celebration roses.”

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