Play along

Timberplay were approached by Lichfield District Council to work on a second play area.

Streethay, a small village of about 250 properties near Lichfield set about commissioning the expansion of play space following recent growth in the village, and requests for assistance from the local Parish Council.

As an advocate for natural play spaces, Jeremy Trill, Principal Assistant (Regeneration) at the Council, Jeremy Trill, was in no doubt about the sort of playground he wanted to create: –

“I am a strong advocate for natural looking play areas which push back the boundaries and I have been fortunate to work on a number of playgrounds that challenge the idea of the traditional playground. Landform is as important to me as the equipment and I wanted this reflected in the design of the Streethay playground. Before the council embarked on work in the Parish I spoke to a number of play providers and Timberplay best understood what I had in mind. The Parish Council, who now operate the site, and local residents were also very supportive of the approach. It has been a great joint effort.”

The finished playground has a small climbing forest as its centrepiece, perfect for developing co-ordination and building confidence for children of all ages. It also has a Whirlwind – a hugely popular ‘wind up’ style roundabout, which encourages cooperation between children to work as a team. All the new equipment is set within a framework of carefully placed earth mounds interspersed with semi mature trees due for planting this spring. Tel 0845 458 9118

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