Play surfacing specialist Notts Sport has enhanced its range of ChildsPlay systems with the addition of an exclusive new feature. They have introduced as a specialist base layer to the VHAF NottsSward synthetic turf surface, increasing the all-round benefits of the popular playground solution.

The lightweight NottsBase EPP tiles slot together in a simple dovetail formation, making them quicker to install to offer savings for installers. For play providers, faster installation also means reduced costs and less time wasted with a facility out of commission.

EPP stands for expanded polypropylene, which is moulded into tiles complete with hemispheres underneath – a feature which is unique to ChildsPlay.

The hemispheres create an air void through which energy is dispersed on impact, ensuring enhanced performance over a traditional, solid EPP tile. This means that when laid over any surface, including concrete, a ChildsPlay system can offer users a critical fall height protection of up to 3.0 metres.

NottsBase EPP, which has a European Patent pending, is utilised in three depths – 40mm, 55mm and 65mm – with a fourth system available through 40mm tiles stacked to double depth to provide the highest levels of impact absorption.

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(See special feature on this subject – March The Landscaper)

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