Margots Garden.

Set up by horticultural expert, Richard Hillery and business entrepreneur, Mike Walliss, Margot’s Garden can install complete vegetable and fruit beds within gardens, businesses and schools. In addition by using a range of packages they can offer a rolling program of planting and maintenance giving the customer continual harvest throughout the year. Consumers can choose from a range of produce to grow from summer salads to winter vegetables. There are even Mediterranean and Asian beds available and with various levels of maintenance services on offer Margot’s Garden can tailor to your needs allowing you to get the most out of your garden.
The initial investment of a single Margot’s Garden vegetable or fruit patch is £495 which includes the installation of a complete bed and all the initial plants, plus with discounts available on multiple bed installations this is a small price to pay when the financial savings and health and environmental benefits are taken into consideration.
Tel 0845 026 0828.

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