Longevity and nutrition

John Jennings, Course Superintendent at Castleknock Golf Club in Dublin, used to struggle with achieving longevity from fertilizers until he applied ICL’s Sierrablen Plus Stress Control 15-5-22 +2MgO.
A vibrant club with a growing membership of approximately 900 members, Castleknock can see up to 40,000 rounds of golf a year played on the course. To cater for this usage, the course is maintained to the highest standard.
Generally, John does not encounter too many issues, but he does admit to a slightly problematic area on the fairways: “I have used many controlled release fertilizers over the years and struggled to get longevity and colour due to the high sand content in the fairways. However, since I began using Sierrablen Plus fertilizers two years ago, it has become a game changer.”
The fertilizer’s Poly-S and PACE technologies have been scientifically proven to provide consistent feeding, enhanced longevity and a low-scorch risk. Furthermore, the small-sized granules allow for even coverage and equal nutrient distribution. These fertilizer products offer a wide choice of analyses for proper nutrient input for every growth phase of the turf, and John has certainly noticed significant improvements. He applied it to the fairways in September 2017 and despite the incredibly harsh winter, it was still having a positive effect in March 2018. John was so impressed with the product that this year he applied Sierrablen Plus Stress Control to the tees and was pleased to see remarkable progression so soon – again in unfavourable weather conditions.
“I am extremely impressed with the early response and sward density achieved when using the product, giving uniform growth that lasts 6 – 7 months. I will continue to use it and would highly recommend it to anyone,” he said.


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