Journey of discovery

Fact file
Powered by an advanced 2.7 litre TDV6 common-rail diesel
Four-corner independent Air suspension with electronic cross-linking and variable ride height
Seven full-size adult seats in three rows
CO2 emissions offset for the first 45,000 miles
Climate Care
Terrain Response system

The trip to the Scotsturf exhibition in Edinburgh was memorable for the outstanding scenery and the new Land Rover Discovery 3. The Discovery is a great-looking car,
It gets pretty close to Range Rover levels of comfort, even with the diesel engine, its quiet and capable of cruising at respectable speeds.

You won’t get much more than 30mpg form the TDV6 (it’s the weight) but judicial use of the very smart cruise control function meant that I was able to travel from London to Edinburgh on just over half a tank of diesel ( my own 2 litre petrol saloon would have used a great deal more)

The 2.7-litre V6 turbodiesel works superbly with either gearbox but the 6-speed auto is preferable. The TDV6 gets the best out of the diesel’s 188bhp and 328lb It has easily enough power – the vehicle climbed over the Pennine motorway stretches at 70 miles per hour without moving from more than a whisker away from 2,000 revs.

The steering’s pretty good , the air suspension manages to keep the ride both supple and taut and when you take the car off road it’s probably the best performer in its class thanks to the excellent ‘Terrain Response’system

The Discovery 3 has a superb interior, big comfortable chunky seats that you can get to exactly the right height and position for relaxed driving. Its closer to the Range Rover for comfort rather than the Defender but you still feel as though it’s a car that’s capable of real work.

Go for the seven-seat option Both rear seats fold away individually into the floor and are capable of carrying a proper full-size person The boot’s big even more so with everything flat-packed, its more like a van Stadium rear seating means the kids can see what’s going on.

It runs smoothly – the engine never raised it’s voice the whole way to Scotland

On most cars getting the interior temperature right is a challenge that involves opening and closing windows – not with the Discovery – the climate control keeps the interior at exactly the temperature that suits the individual.

The Discovery is a ‘fully loaded ‘ luxury vehicle that will take you to a destination with serious levels of comfort but is also capable of undertaking some real work.

At £27k it feels like a lot of car for the cash. and right now there are some pretty spectacular deals around visit the web site below


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