Belt and bracer

Miller by Sperian, specialist in fall protection, has released the Morpho belt. The leg loop belt has been designed to provide maximum comfort and mobility for arboriculture climbers, students, instructors and parks and landscaping supervisors.

Thanks to great stability paired with high fluidity in movement, the belt provides arboriculture professionals with design-conscious protective equipment that is also safe, comfortable and easy to use. When worn, it automatically distributes load between the leg straps and the belt, enabling high front-back mobility in the pelvic region and automatic tip setting. The self-adjustable triangulation and the centre are attached onto clip dees, can be disassembled and are easily replaced.

The ease of movement is assisted further by laterally cambered loops, designed to make an easier connection with the support lanyard, and ingenious accessories attached to the belt: tool carrier, attached saw strap, built-in plate chain saw karabiner, and more. The patented automatic anti-slip buckles make belt attachment very quick, with no need to readjust the fit whilst in use.

Additionally a latest-generation ergonomic backrest features a high-performance aeration system that also provides effective lumbar support without compressing the thighs – another patented innovation.

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