Growing up

VertiCrop is a High Density Vertical Growing System (HDVGS) employed in a controlled environment such as glasshouse, polytunnel or warehouse. It is suitable for the production of a wide variety of vegetable, herbs, and fruits. The system’s design and technology is innovative, and offers major benefits to the grower.
Plants are grown in a vertical plane in specially designed trays suspended from an overhead track. This allows the trays to rotate on a closed loop conveyor and in the process pass through a feeding station which provides water and nutrients. This permits an even airflow over the plants and equal exposure to light, whilst water and nutrient runoff from the feeding station is captured and recycled, reducing consumption to as little as 5% of the uptake in conventional systems.
Plant production in the HDVGS will increase yields on a year-round basis by up to 20 times those achievable in traditional agriculture, without the risk of nitrate build-up or infestations in ground soils. Under proper management the need for pesticides can be eliminated.
Since Valcent Products was given the full mandate to develop VertiCrop in January 2009, many innovations and developments have taken place – there has been rapid progression from in-house trials to test rigs, and from June 2009, the installation of the first system in Europe. This is now open for public viewing at Paignton Zoo in Devon, 60 miles from Valcent’s corporate premises. Private viewings are available to all commercial interests on request.
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