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One of the most popular of all SCH (Supplies) sprayers is their 30 litre Power Sprayer (ref PSP), a low cost, accurate and easy to use machine. Mounted on a triangular chassis, there are two wide profile pneumatic wheels and a rear caster which also acts as a line marker. The 12 volt diaphragm pump is powered from its own integral battery, and a charger comes as standard with each machine. A pressure gauge and a by-pass regulator are fitted for when using the hand lance and the pump is run on a pressure system.
The low to ground four nozzle boom minimises drift and therefore ‘close to the edge’ work can be carried out.
A brass trigger lance is supplied for spot spraying etc. The handles are adjustable to suit the operator. A tow bar is supplied with each machine.
There are also a number of optional extras available, which greatly increase the versatility of the sprayer.
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