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Micron Sprayers manufacture a wide range of horticultural spraying equipment that provides economic and environmental benefits for growers worldwide.
Micron have been at the forefront of innovation in spray technology, and invented and pioneered Controlled Droplet Application (CDA).
Controlled Droplet Application (CDA) was introduced into plantation agriculture in South East Asia more than a decade and a half ago because it offered significant advantages over high volume techniques for the application of herbicides. These included high work rates, reduced labour costs, improved chemical efficacy and reduced operator contamination.
In a region of increasing labour shortage all of these factors continue to make Controlled Droplet Application the most appropriate technique for herbicide application within the plantation sector. Attention needs to be paid, however, to ensuring that the type of sprayer used and parameters of use ensure that the spray atomisation process optimises the efficacy of the herbicide applied.
Because of the low volumes which are possible using Controlled Droplet Application spraying typically 10-20 litres of spray mix per hectare compared with the 250-300 litres needed if spraying with a conventional knapsack sprayer, the amount of time and effort – both physical and logistical which needs to be spent fetching and carrying water is vastly reduced.
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Techneat Engineering has been involved in producing high quality Amenity spraying equipment for over 20 years. Developing ideas and working closely with some of the countries’ leading groundsman has resulted in a large range of equipment – all built in England to the same high standards. New processes such as rotational moulding and computer aided design has enabled them to continue to develop new products that are lighter and more aesthetically pleasing as well as being more cost effective to the customer.
Techneat design and manufacture in-house so they can find solution for every situation from hanging baskets to a premier league football pitch
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E Allman Co, a family owned business owned business continues to develop new products for the changing industry and market place.
Today the Allman Product range includes:
* A comprehensive range of Tractor Mounted and Trailed Sprayers crop sprayers ranging from 200 litres to 3000 litres tank capacities and boom widths from 6 – 24 metres.
* Amenity Tractor Mounted, Trailed and Demountable Skid Unit Sprayers specifically designed for amenity and fine turf spray applications.
* Hand Pumped Compression & Knapsack Sprayers suitable for use in agriculture, horticulture and industry.
* Pedestrian Trolley Mounted and Barrow Sprayers used in horticulture and industry.
* The L3A Engine Driven Knapsack Mistblower/Duster and the NEW 18 litre rechargeable 12 volt Knapsack Sprayer
* Engine Driven Pressure Washers
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Boddingtons supply a range geotextile ground cover fabrics for weed control. Landscape fabric / weed guard rolls are suitable for protecting gardens, flower beds, gravel driveways, under decking, paths, newly planted trees, under bark mulch, landscape projects and can be used to produce mulch mats for tree planting. The fabric is easy to install and effectively suppresses weed growth. We supply three different materials for weed control :
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Team Sprayers are a family owned business offering quality, friendly and dependable service has meant that the company has managed to identify the individual requirements of its customers.
Team produce
Pedestrian Models
Trailed Models
Mounted Models
Demounted Models
ATV Models
Tel: 01353 661 211

WeedWise are a Grounds Maintenance Contractors, based in Northampton who undertake landscape gardening contracts on both a local and national level.
By offering annual grounds maintenance, landscaping and weed control contracts, tree surgery services, fencing services, graffiti removal and prevention, gritting contracts and full BASIS technical support, we boast a complete package of landscape services – TOTAL GROUNDS CARE!
FREEPHONE: 08000 740931
Plantex Landscape Fabric
Weed control for use under patios, paths, timber decking, block paving, soft landscaping and laying turf. Plantex has a unique porous structure that lets air, water and nutrients pass through to plant roots .
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FLEXIBLE LINING PRODUCTS supply premium quality geosynthetic materials. Targeting not only the home owner and professional contractor direct,but the aquatic retailer horticulture,landscaper and and industrial market sectors.
TEl: 0845 226 2478
Weed Control
Scotplant Direct
sell a range of weed control fabrics. The Spunbound lightweight fabrics are great for those areas of light traffic ,to help keep those weeds at bay. The Heavy Duty Woven fabrics are great for driveways, heavy traffic gravel paths making it a perfect barrier for water to flow through as well as help prevent weeds from spoiling that perfect garden – and don’t forget the fixing pegs – plastic or metal – easy to insert into the fabrics to hold down.
TEl 01592 772274
WeedGuard weed control
Weed control using Terram WeedGuard (weed guard) is an easy to use, superior quality, environmentally friendly weed suppressant and drainage control landscaping fabric. Water, air, nutrients and gasses pass quickly through, whilst suppressing weeds without the use of chemicals. The slower rate of water evaporation reduces the level of watering Tel 01495 767 482
PolyFast offer a wide range of products along with 24 hour delivery fabric which is sized to set specifications so you only pay for what you need, meaning you get the best value around and can save on waste.
TEl 01269 823160 landscaping fabric is ideal for use underneath garden bark and decorative aggregates to minimise weed growth. The landscape fabric is lightweight but very strong and will last in excess of 10 years.
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Berthoud Sprayers Limited
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Cleveland Crop Spayers

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Anglia Sparayers

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Walkover Sprayers

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Team sprayers

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Avison Used Crop Sprayers
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Allman Sprayers Ltd

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