Machine for hydroseeding…Aquaseeders

Aquaseeders use a purpose built machine for hydroseeding, consisting of a water bowser, engine and a specially calibrated pump to prevent seed and materials damage, towed by a 4×4 Land Rover. Using specially designed agitation techniques the water, mulch, binders, seed and fertilizers are held in suspension. The slurry is then discharged from either a cannon at rear of the machine or from a hand held lance at the end of extension hoses.
The Aquaseeders hydroseeding process is designed for seed to germinate in almost any location as the perfect erosion control process. As the specification is applied using water, from the machine mounted nozzle the hydroseeding slurry can be propelled in excess of 20m, while using lengths of extension hoses it can be applied some 150m away. This ensures there is limited movement over the area to be seeded. Hydroseeding can even be applied where pedestrian access is not possible as in many erosion control projects.
Aquaseeders work with many members of the construction industry, railway and landfill companies, earth moving contractors, road development schemes, landscape companies and on erosion control projects, proving our services can suit a wide number of needs.
TEl – 01454 418542

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