Designed for hard soil Seeders The AeraVator

The AeraVator is a line of aerators/seeders, designed for very hard soil conditions and the renovation of sports pitches, golf courses and parks. The soil penetrating system of the AeraVator uses a series of vibrating tines to shatter the soil, penetrating the hardest conditions up to 8 -9 cm deep. Because of this unique vibrating action the aerator does not need ‘weight’ to do its job and can be used with smaller, lighter tractors without compromising the results.
With a selection of interchangeable shafts and a very effective seeder option the operator can overseed and primary seed with one machine. The patented vibrating tines fracture the soil creating the ideal seedbed in a single pass. The patented seed box allows both small and large seed varieties to be accurately metered with one feed wheel and seed placement can be moved from front to rear depending on the application.
The products versatility includes a grooming rake and brush option which can be used for playing surface preparation on turf – including the incorporation of top dressing into the surface.
Working widths: 1.05m, 1.5m & 2m (available with or without seeder), prices from £5,295 + vat.
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