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The new improved InjectorDos from Micron Sprayers, is a pesticide applicator specifically designed for the direct introduction of herbicide into hollow-stem weeds of which Japanese Knotweed (JKW) remains the most widespread and damaging.
The latest version features a new metered volume dispenser and trigger for easier operation. The reduced amount of pressure required to operate the trigger makes it less tiring to use for repetitive applications. The streamlined unit design allows better access to the base of JKW stems in the cramped and difficult to work situations invariably presented by dense JKW growth.
The applicator features a sharp robust needle which penetrates tough full grown JKW stems with a minimal force required. Equipped with an exit hole for the herbicide two-thirds of the way from the tip and 10mm from its circular brass base, the needle passes right through the mature stem until stopped by the base making contact with the outside of the JKW stem. This positions the herbicide exit hole inside the hollow centre of the stem into which the herbicide is injected. A second shorter and finer needle is provided for smaller diameter and less robust hollow-stems of JKW or other weeds such as Himalayan balsam and giant hogweed.
InjectorDos design also includes a ‘dial-in’ facility which allows operators to dispense a pre-determined metered volume of herbicide formulation between 0.1ml and 2ml per shot. Generally a single 2 ml shot of glyphosate is injected just below the first stem node up from soil level, as near as possible to the ultimate target of the underground stem or rhizome.
JKW stems can be injected with herbicide at any time but late summer is the ideal time to carry out the operation. It is when JKW plants start to ‘recycle’ food and nutrients from the foliage and into the rhizomes (underground stems).
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