A Hampshire couple have set up an import company to launch a New Zealand award winning product that helps dry out wellington boots. Ringwood based VTH Limited has the exclusive rights to sell the Windry product on which welly wearers can hang or place their boots and allow circulating air to remove the moisture.

Terry and Vanessa Head met with designer Jonathan Prince whose innovative new product has won silver and bronze prizes at the New Zealand Best Awards for design and sustainability whilst in the country on honeymoon in March.
The system works by catching and directing air deep into wellington boots so that it circulates dry air right up to the toe. All it requires is a breeze and the boots will dry overnight. or faster in front of a fan. The two funnels clip together so that the boots stand in pairs. Boots can also be placed upside down on top of a 10mm pole to dry. This utilises the processes of forced convection and evaporation to dry the boots.
Terry Said “How else can you efficiently dry wellies? We were so impressed with the simple product and design that is environmentally sustainable and solves the problem with wet boots and reduce foot fungal disease. We knew then that this would be an ideal product for the Horticultural or Agricultural industry in the UK, and anybody who owns a pair of wellington boots”
The new company is now negotiating contracts with selected retailers as well as selling the product via their website
Tel 0797 1974299

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