Dunnett again………. Chelsea Lindum’s Wildflowers

Lindum’s Wildflower & Sedum Mat has helped Dr. Nigel Dunnett of the University of Sheffield gain Chelsea honours for the second time.

Last seen at the show in 2009 on his Silver-Gilt winning Future, Nature garden, Wildflower & Sedum Mat enhanced the roof of the garden studio, the main feature of Nigel’s RBC New Wild Garden, which scooped another Silver-Gilt medal this year.

Billed as Chelsea’s first full-size ‘Rain Garden’ the green roof, a mixture of wild flowers, sedum, herbs and flowering perennials grown on a biodegradable felt mat is designed to take in rain water and re-distribute it. “It’s all about soaking up all the water within the garden,” says Nigel. “Rain goes from the green roof to a pool, on to another pool and eventually soaks into the garden.”

Developed by Dr. Dunnett, who has been working with Lindum for the past four years, the Wildflower & Sedum Mat was chosen for its potential to support wildlife in a situation that would otherwise be largely barren and sterile. “All green roofs will enhance biodiversity to a certain extent,” he says “but the choice of vegetation is important in maximising its value. We chose Lindum’s Wildflower & Sedum Mat because it combines both the drought tolerant aspects of sedum with the colour and ecological benefits of wild flowers and herbs, which have a longer flowering period and will attract a wider range of birds, bees, butterflies and insects. This is the first Chelsea garden I’ve created in my own right and following a 10 day build-up the green roof was all in flower.”


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