Cultipack Seeder by BLEC brings versatility

Surrey-based Graduate Landscapes is the latest company to enjoy the accuracy and versatility of the Cultipack Seeder from BLEC. For Managing Director Tony Richards the purchase gives his company the flexibility they need on both small and large-scale projects, since they have become more involved in a number of ‘Suitable Alternative Natural Green Space’ (SANGS) developments across the area.

Having started the business in 1991, Graduate Landscapes has expanded to a team of over 60, working in and around the London area.

“Through the years we’ve taken on all kinds of jobs, but increasingly of late we have worked in conjunction with the General House Builders Association, to create beautifully landscaped open spaces for public use,” explains Tony.

With SANGS areas of up to 30 hectares to transform, Graduate Landscapes purchased a BLEC Cultipack Seeder at the end of last year. 

“We’ve always had the need for a seeder but had previously found it more cost-effective to hire one, until the frequency we were doing this made purchasing our own a better choice.

“We had used the Cultipack multiple times in the past and were always impressed with its capabilities, especially how the front-mounted rollers level off divots and lumps to leave a perfectly flat surface in its wake. It can handle a variety of seed types too, including wildflower, and buries the mixture into the prepared ground to improve germination and leave a better-quality finish.” 

While taking large-area projects in its stride, the Cultipack is equally at home on smaller domestic jobs.

“When we were in the market for a seeder, we looked at some tractor mounted models, but we would have then had issues when working in confined spaces or those with restricted access,” says Tony.

On garden projects for example, Tony and the team will rotovate the land, then hand-rake and follow up with the BLEC seeder.

“It does a fantastic job in taking grotty areas of land and making them level, providing an ideal bed for new seed to grow. Its multi-purpose nature eliminates the need to utilise multiple pieces of equipment to create the finished result, saving both time and money.” 

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