Pond of the month

This is a central, circular pond with surrounding curved pools designed by Carolyn Grohmann of Secret Gardens.
Water Gems, the contractors are an Edinburgh based landscape and water features specialist. They have several prestigious awards  to their name and are headed up by Nick Benge who made Water Gems one of  our first registered Firestone Installers.  After so many years’ practice Water Gems are now experienced enough to line just about anything.
These lovely curved structures are lily ponds built into a slope so the first thing to do was terrace the part of the garden that was to take the pools.  Then the structure needed to be built with poured reinforced concrete and rendered block work walls.
Nick says that Firestone PondGard is perfect for sealing the structure because it will accommodate small changes if the structures settle and any expansion or contraction due to temperature changes…. (The garden is just north of Edinburgh after all)
These liners are fully adhered using Firestone Bonding Adhesive, then Splice Tape and Quick Prime Plus join the liners together. The Form Flash is applied to the detailed work and to provide a fully water tight seal throughout.
The pools had to be connected so that their water quality was consistent thereby making sure they didnt go different colours or behave differently.
Nicks last problem was the large tree limb that overhung one of the pools and happened to be a roost for about twenty wood pigeons with predictable results underneath.  The only solution was to cut off the bough and having done that the pools are now clean and perfectly clear.

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