Matched precipitation rate irrigation sprinklers


Using Matched Precipitation Rate (MPR) sprinklers is a widely applied concept in residential irrigation installations. Combining sprinklers from the same product line that have MPR means that  in a given zone, water is applied proportionately at the same rate and with head to head coverage. As long as the correct amount of water and water pressure is available, no area of turf or landscape is unintentionally left either under or overwatered irrespective of its size or shape.
By combining different types of MPR Rotary Nozzles, such as Rain Bird’s range of R-VAN rotary adjustable full circle and strip models, irrigation contractors are able to simplify residential irrigation design and installation. The greater challenge, however, is achieving MPRs across larger and irregular areas when different product lines have to be applied to ensure the reach and uniformity of coverage required.
This is achievable through Rain Bird MPR irrigation technology. It enables contractors to combine and match R-VAN sprays for 45 to 360 degree coverage and throw ranges from 2.4 to 7.3 metres, with 5000 Series rotors with MPR nozzles. These effectively extend irrigation reach to up to 10.7 metres within the same zone. All sprays and rotors run on the same valve, with the same run times and they give the same precipitation rates.
The R-VAN range features nine models. As precipitation rates are matched there is no longer any need for multiple zones and valves, that may be required with other makes of nozzle, to accomplish the same irrigation coverage. This helps to keep the capital cost lower and up to 33% shorter run-times can also be achieved. With larger droplets and thicker streams of water, R-VAN nozzles have high wind resistance and irrigation is kept within the target zone. The risk of wasteful run-off which could result in ground erosion is also minimised.
By combining R-VAN with Rain Bird’s 5000 Series rotors, most irrigation applications for lawns and flower beds can be covered. These sprays and rotors output the same amount of precipitation, no matter whether they are configured with the shortest radius or longest throw. This is a great benefit when designing or installing an irrigation system as it can reduce the number of valves required and also harmonise run times.
Coupled with fast installation and simple maintenance, the R-VAN and 5000 series are together the ideal MPR combination for larger residential installations that require a highly efficient solution maximising the advantages of matched precipitation.
By Peter Longman, Northern Landscape Area Manager, Rain Bird Europe.

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