Compact Tractors 2021 | Buyers Guide

Looking to buy a reliable Compact Tractor in 2021? Look no further … 

Small, powerful, and able to handle challenging landscapes the Compact Tractors of 2021 are offering versatility.

Listed below are compact tractor brands currently on the market to help tackle everyday chores. 

1. Kubota B1 Series

Kubota B1 SeriesKubota has unveiled the latest version of the popular B1 compact tractor, featuring a new development – an all-new folding mid-ROPS (rollover protective structure) option. The ROPS is positioned in front of the operator platform, providing essential protection for fieldwork, but folding flush with the bonnet when working in a height-restricted situation. This reduces the overall height of the tractor to a maximum of 1.41m, ideal for accessing polytunnels, greenhouses, or low buildings. It also avoids any interference with rear-mounted implements, and folding is a simple matter of removing two pins at the base of the ROPS frame.

A number of other improvements have been made to the B1 series tractor, which is available with a choice of 18 and 24hp proven Kubota E-TVCS engines. The straightforward mechanical transmission offers three forward speeds in each of three ranges while highly effective power steering improves maneuverability in tight yards and sheds. Bevel gear four-wheel drive keeps productivity up in tough conditions, its design also enhances ground clearance.

The tractor also has a category 1 rear linkage and optional mid-PTO for a mower deck on the 18hp B1181 model. The LA213 front loader can also be specified for the B1181 to tackle materials handling jobs around the farm or nursery. This is also a tractor that’s a breeze to maintain – the bonnet lifts clear, side guards come away and the front grille comes out to give all-around access to the engine.

The mid-ROPS options will make the B1 series, which already punches above its weight, a real favourite for nurseries and growers or anyone who needs versatile power in a compact package,” comments Phil Catley, Kubota Key Account and Groundcare Product Manager.

 2. TYM’S TS25 Tractor

TYM’S TS25 TractorTYM’s TS25 tractor is a solid choice for any landscapers’ fleet. It’s one of the few sub-compact tractors on the market available with either a manual or hydrostatic transmission, which means it can be tailored to specific turf maintenance needs. For example, for loader and mid-deck work, the simple-to-use hydrostatic transmission is the best choice, whereas, for aeration and sprayer work, which requires a set working speed, the manual transmission machine will deliver the best results.

Adding to its versatility is a wide range of accessories including a spool valve kit, mid-mounted mower, front weight kit, front loader, and a rear counterbalance.

Transporting tools, towing trailers, moving tasks (logs, rubble, soil), and maintenance work, the TS25 is more than capable and nimble with it. The tractor’s uses are further extended with the optional 60-inch mid-mounted mower which allows you to cut vast areas of grass with ease and without the expense of a separate dedicated mowing unit.

Plus, its lightweight credentials mean it’s the perfect choice for fine surfaces. Its 25hp three-cylinder engine gives it enough power to perform its tasks with ease without being detrimental to turf.

Available from distributor Reesink Turfcare, the TS25 is a powerful, multi-purpose option in a compact package.

3. John Deere 3038E compact tractor

John Deere 3038EJohn Deere’s 3038E compact tractor is an economical and versatile machine suitable for a wide variety of customers, including landscape contractors and grounds care maintenance service providers.

The four-wheel-drive 3038E is equipped with a powerful, emissions-compliant Stage V diesel engine, while the hydrostatic transmission with Twin Touch foot pedals provides the operator with simple, comfortable controls to select exactly the right speed for the job at hand.

Combined with power-assisted steering, these pedals are intuitive and easy to use and enable the operator to maximise productivity. The tractor’s independent PTO can be engaged on the go, eliminating the need to stop and use the clutch. The 3038E also features an easy-lift bonnet that provides wide-open access to the engine bay for maintenance.

A new 300E front loader has been designed to complement the tractor and features a curved boom and durable components. Together with the 3038E’s tight turning circle, this offers a highly maneuverable combination for materials handling, whether working indoors or outdoors.

Telescoping draft links are also available as a factory or field-installed option. This makes attaching and removing rear implements such as mowers, rear blades, and posthole diggers very easy.

4. The full-electric Avant

Avant e6Avant was the first manufacturer to introduce a full-electric, battery-powered multifunctional compact loader to the marketplace in the mid-1990s. A full electric loader with zero-emission and low noise has long been the request by operatives – both indoors and outdoors.

Avant e6 is the first multifunctional compact loader with a lithium-ion battery. It works efficiently throughout the day thanks to the more efficient battery. The e6 can be fully charged in just over an hour with an optional 400V rapid charger and operates between two to four hours with a full battery. It is possible to charge batteries anywhere a 230 volt /10A power outlet is available.

The running costs for e6 are significantly lower than any diesel-powered loader due to the fact there is no combustion engine. Electricity cost compared to diesel is roughly 75% cheaper. Another advantage of the battery-powered machines is easier maintenance, leading to less cost.

To hire or buy? Many UK customers want to buy and own the compact loader with the basic tools and hire the more-special attachments from authorized AVANTHIRE partners as to when needed.

5. Siromer 35hp Lightning 

Siromer 35hp Lightning2020 was the year Siromer launched its new 35hp Lightning tractor to the UK market 2020. And despite the rather unusual year, the Lighting tractors managed to triumph throughout this tricky period. “The new tractor is a product of our customers’ feedback,” says Louise Howard, Siromer Managing Director. “In listening to their requirements, it became clear that a narrower tractor was needed for those who work in close confines. The tractor also had to be powerful enough to carry out heavy-duty work. We needed both a David and a Goliath.”

The Lightning was so well received it was almost sold out before the first container of tractors landed at Siromer HQ. With four cylinders and a turning circle of 3.5 meters, the meter-wide Lightning sits comfortably within Siromer Tractors’ established lineup. Fitted with a dual-stage clutch and double-acting spools, the choice of possible attachments is plentiful.

As versatile as all the Siromer range, this 8 forward and 8 reverse shuttle gearbox tractor also has a folding roll bar and power steering. “It just proves what we’ve always known,” adds Louise, “Our customers know what they want.” Such a practical and efficient tractor.

6. Kioti Premium CS2020

2021 sees the introduction of the latest generation of subcompact and compact tractors from Kioti UK. All models conform to the latest Stage V environmental requirements and take the evolution of the Kioti models even further in front of the market competition.

The subcompact models see the introduction of a Premium CS2020, running with a Kioti 24.9 HP three-cylinder diesel engine. The tractor has a quality steel bonnet, an integrated front loader joystick giving two additional spools. The driver platform has wide easy access, a premium comfort seat, an adjustable steering wheel, and electro-hydraulic power take-off (PTO).

The previous popular CK2810 model is now replaced by the high spec CX2510. This new range can be supplied with either mechanical or twin pedal 2 x range HST (hydrostatic transmission).

The customer has the choice of rollover protective structure (ROPS) open platform or, new to this tractor size, a spacious factory fitted cabin with air conditioning, heated rear screen, rear screen wiper. Independent electro-hydraulic PTO. Higher in the range the New 30 series DK tractor models build on the already renowned reputation of the previous Kioti DK models.

HST or mechanical models are available from 45 to 60 HP. HST models are available with ROPS or air-conditioned cabins.

ISEKI TH5420 & TH5370

ISEKI TH5420 & TH5370With the introduction of the new Stage V engine emission regulations, ISEKI has taken the opportunity to introduce new models to their range of compact tractors, renowned for their build quality and reliability. Designed and built in Japan, the tractors are powered by ISEKI built engines from 19hp up to 67hp.

The recently launched TH5420 and TH5370 models are powered by the new ISEKI Stage V engines producing either 40hp or 35hp respectively. These engines produce more horsepower and torque than the previous models whilst being smoother, quieter, and more economical in operation.  Available with either ROPS or a spacious air-conditioned cab very quiet at only 78dB the new TH5 tractors are compact but powerful capable of lifting 1200kg with the rear 3-point linkage and powering implements with the two speed rear PTO. Built with mid-PTO as standard, the TH range can be used to run a mid-mounted mower deck, or with the optional front hitch and PTO, it can drive implements such as a brush or front-mounted mower deck.

Three-range hydrostatic transmission offers the ultimate versatility with memory cruise control as standard plus response control which enables the transmission to be tailored to the task at hand. ISEKI MX C3/C3+ loaders are available for the TH5 tractors increasing their versatility further with the cab model having a joystick control and valve outlets as standard.

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