Safeguard Europe Keeping patios in their prime

Roxil’s  landscaping protection range not only keeps  patios in their prime but also needs treatment  to be undertaken less frequently.
Hard cleaning is detrimental to patios in terms of wear – especially for aggregate-based paviors – and damage to joints, particularly where pointing may already be loose. Roxil Wood & Patio Cleaner allows for soft cleaning of patios, as its non-destructive and highly effective formula will remove dirt, moss and algae without resorting to power-spraying and acidic cleaning methods.
 A clean surface having been achieved, it then needs to be protected and  has developed an innovative new protection cream. Roxil Patio Cream is a specially-formulated deeply penetrating silicone cream emulsion that that protects patios and paved surfaces without changing their colour or texture.
 The product weatherproofs the surface of patios and paved surfaces for 10 years with a single coat application and a ‘locked-in’ biocide dramatically reduces biological growth, such as moss, lichen and algae growth. As a result, a Roxil treated patio or paved surface will be easier to clean and will not require cleaning as often as an untreated surface.
 The high-performance Roxil landscaping protection range from Safeguard Europe will keep patios looking good and algae-free, and protect outdoor wood while maintaining its natural aesthetic, for up to 10 years.
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